Wednesday evening

Earlier in the week I listened to this:

'..They had been given free reign by the Arch Diocese of Glasgow to release this incredible piece of architecture, this machine, this incredible floating object...and unbelievably at the head of two gorges that run together off the Firth of Clyde...Andy and Isi created this absolute dream. Which was this building which was in fact far beyond Brutalism. They wrapped a 20th century form around an old 19th century baronial house. Elements of it float off into space..other elements have great chains coming down and reflect the great weight of the design, the industrial design of the Clyde ship building. Other elements reflect the huge curved walls of a baronial Scottish Castle keep. They were playing with forms and how this comes together to make this remarkable object is something that has driven me to want to save it.

...We're going to keep it partially as a ruin. And then we're going to basically bring back the Chapel. It's quite interesting: we talk about failure or success of the building. It was a tough building to live in. They talk about young seminarians wrapped in three blankets, wind whistling in through the windows..incredibly tough but at the same time people remember mass there and light used to come down, in from the south through the ziggurat roof light and down through floating glulam beams and spread geometric shadows across the floor as people took mass. And people remember that as a magical thing. '

Whilst looking at this: